Video Testimonials

Offering Science Based Medical Cannabis Education for Health Care Providers

We invite attendees to offer feedback at our certification courses. View the videos below to hear what Doctors have to say after attending our medical cannabis symposiums:

“Thank you for an excellent conference. I’ve learned a lot and now have sound knowledge to make decisions on cannabis and more importantly to share with patients. The learning environment was excellent. Food was best I’ve had at conference. Speakers and staff were fantastic. Everyone was helpful. SO much knowledge on a topic that is not understood in our state. My concern is that was so much information on dispelling myths and negative perception, that it was presented as a miracle drug. Would’ve liked more info on negative aspects/risks.”

“I came expecting tie-dye, jeans and stoners. I expected everything bad we have ever been told about marijuana. Instead I feel elated to know there are more options for treating illness than just “toxic drugs.” I feel better educated and happy that we are heading back to nature for our treatments. There is so much potential here that has been suppressed and I am now an advocate for its use and research. I will be spreading the word.”

“When I was made aware of this conference by my daughter Lauren, and saw the agenda, I knew that I could not miss it. Some of the best authorities on treatment of patients with medical cannabis are here! This conference covers many aspects of interest for health care professionals including the ancient and modern history of use, and the political, economic and racial reasons that it was made illegal. It teaches about the endocannabinoid system, which is a well-documented and researched system that has not been taught in medical or pharmacy schools.”

“I was so pleased with the objective professional and compassionate manner in which the data was presented. Also appreciate the organization the food. So very beneficial.”

“This seminar covers many of the big questions that clinicians new to medical cannabis would have, including myths and misinformation surrounding addiction and adverse effects, legal issues, treatments of various conditions, dosing considerations and how to address impairment.”